Port Shepstone Recovery Centre: a beacon of light for addicts, run by dedicated people


The Port Shepstone Recovery Centre in Marburg was started about six months ago by dedicated people, amongst them rehabilitated addicts, local businessmen and other dedicated individuals.  Chairperson Anthony Gonzalves, a well known local businessman, has been the driving force behind the project, which has blossomed into a smoothly functioning, impressive service to the community.  He started the centre because of a family member’s previous addiction. It is a non-profit organisation, and does not charge for the admission of people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. eHowz!t paid the centre a visit last week, and we were immensely impressed by the dedication of the individuals who are involved in the running of the centre, as well as its functionality, cleanliness and smooth organisation.  We interviewed centre PRO Muthu Murugan, who is passionate about the institution.   People who want to contribute financially, or help in any other way, can telephone the centre on 083-301-2886.  The banking details are:

Name: Port Shepstone Recovery Centre     Bank:  First National  A/C  ( current )  62437734967

NB: We are processing an interview with Centre Supervisor Nithia Nagian, an ex-Cape ‘Americans’ and ’26’ gangster, who spent 18 years in jail, has killed several people and been shot and wounded many times.  He has been ‘clean’ since 2010 after being heavily dependent on drugs and alcohol.   It is a fascinating interview.  Look out for it over the next two days.



  1. Pumza Ndodonina on

    pls supply me with more infomation on how to get a person admitted in your institution .desperately need your help asap .pls respond .thnk you .Pumza

  2. A beacon of light to those in need, this is what this centre is supposed to be to the community and those in need. If this recovery centre was supposed to be helping those who truly need it, why were the boys from Durban and Stanger forcefully chased out today, the 7 October 2015. These youngsters were left in your care by their parents and social workers, yet today because they encountered drugs still been sold and used on the premises they were kicked out. They sleep on the floor, clean toilets with bare hands, the use of toilet utensils is prohibited…It is really sad that a place that is supposed to promote safety has let society down. Just my opinion after hearing to the stories of a few young men this morning. Sad thing is the media are afraid to touch this story.

    • Sunil Lautan - Secretary PSRC on

      Dear Sam
      If you took the liberty of gaining some insight into the incident regarding the aforementioned patients, you will definitely change your opinion of the Port Shepstone Recovery Centre.
      We have an “open door ” policy to the Public. Our books and all administration records are available to the public for scrutiny. Instead of formulating an opinion based on hearsay stories by some drug addicts, you should have approached the Recovery Centre to highlight the former patients’ grievances.
      We welcome you to visit the Recovery Centre and see the living conditions of the patients. As far as “cleaning toilets with bare hands,” we abide to the rules and regulations as laid down by the Health Department. Our reports from the Health Department speak for itself.
      I must remind you that these are the very same addicts that hoodwinked their parents and members of society and they will go to any length to satisfy their craving. They were not ready for recovery as they were caught attempting to use drug in the late hours of the night. This kind of behaviour is punishable by immediate dismissal.
      Should you want to know more on how this Recovery Centre has played a major role in this town, please contact the Department of Justice [Port Shepstone Magistrates Court] and the Municipal Manager of the UGU District Municipality.
      Finally with respect to the media being afraid of reporting on this story- you seem to have been sleeping for a long time because our local newspapers never miss the opportunity of publishing any stories especially when one wants to tarnish the image of an organisation that is trying to create a better society.
      Just for the record, we the members of the Port Shepstone Recovery Centre will go to any length legally to protect the image of the Centre and may I remind you, forming opinions to tarnish the image of the Centre can constitute a criminal offence.
      Please feel free to pay us a visit to clear your misconceptions.

      • How can I get myself to the centre as I am an alcoholic and in need of help,my number is 0739532588 please help me before my life is over

  3. Am in portshepstone I was working in private rehab can I contribute by working in your place since am nolwedgeble of addition tanx

  4. Hi, My daughter was there and fitted several times and was left.She was given panado after taking zolpiderm boxes and alprosam 100 1mg . This could have killed her. She was also tied to her bed and had to shower in a communal show. Is this true as she was there for only a few days. If not due to financial issues do you charge and how much.She is on alprosam and needs help. I am only going by heresay and by no means putting the treatment down. What is the process ? Thank you

    • why have you not replied? Who do I phone for help and if she fits willl she be helped?We have no money but what is the process? If things get bad? Is there an ambulance to call? She has stopped but I fear she may go back and fits so bad that her heart can stop as it is beating too fast.Do you withdraw her slowly or just cut her off?

  5. Hi, I’ve got a cousin brother who needs the services of a rehabilitation centre. How can I get hold of you guys ? I also need more information about how much do you charge for your services and all other related info. Please forward me a response on 083 338 5358. Regards, S.M.

  6. Hi my name is Nosipho i have a son who is in need of help from drugs….how can i get in touch with you guys….My number is 0631219163

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