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The residents of the South Coast now have another option to 24-Hour emergency and family medicine. Dr Alstynn Kenneth Pillay has brought an international level of healthcare to Shelly Beach through his new practice, MD24.

Dr Pillay, who has extensive international medical experience and knowledge, started this MD24 to have a positive impact on the lives of others. The practice offers a 24-hour emergency care, as well as a traditional medical practice.

Centrally located at the Shelly Boulevard Centre, MD24 consists of highly skilled and certified medical staff and offers a broad array of high-quality care services including but not limited to GP Consultations, IV Fluid Administration, ECG, Suturing, Bloods and chronic patient care management.

However, Dr Pillay says that what makes MD24 different is their hours of operations. MD24 also offers a unique after hours and and emergency service which is available daily from 7pm – 1am. “Now patients don’t have to wait hours to be treated. You can call our emergency number and we will meet at the practice which is centrally located,” he added.

Hours of Operation

074 583 8585

Normal Practice Hours:

Monday – Friday:    9am – 1pm,    3pm – 7pm

Saturday:               9am – 12pm

Sunday:                 4pm – 7pm

“We started with a simple idea: to start a medical practice that has a positive impact on the lives of others.  We are dedicated to providing the best individual healthcare available at affordable prices and we are committed to improving the overall health of our community,” Dr Pillay said. “Our goal is to maximize the health, independence, and comfort of our patients and their families.”

Dr Pillay has worked across the globe as an emergency medical Doctor. He has shown great resilience in working in the remotest of places to also being a part of the NHS UK Trust.

 An International aptitude for knowledge, caring personality and entrepreneurship, founding a multinational and International Company called Global Lifeline (www.globallifeline.net) aimed at medical recruitment, medical infrastructure development especially for remote sites and mining companies around the world.
As part of his career, he wishes to share his knowledge and experience back in his home town and community following a remarkable high standard of practice for the love of medicine.  MD24 is a lifelong dream turned reality and Dr Pillay is extremely grateful and fortunate to be able to give back to his community literally on his doorstep.
Dr Pillay’s experience includes having worked in various hospitals and remote sites in South Africa and internationally in Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine, including Addington Hospital, Eshowe District Hospital, Port Shepstone Regional Hospital, Western Cape, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, Sierra Leone.

Dr Pillay has urged residents to save MD24 emergency number as an ICE contact on your cellphones. So, In Case of Emergency, MD24 can be contacted to assist.  “You can also reach us on WHATSAPP. Save our number, you may never know when you need it,” Dr Pillay added

074 583 8585


For More Information visit: MD24






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