What comes next for the devastated city -- and for ISIS

US-backed forces in Raqqa said Tuesday that major military operations against ISIS had ended as they worked to clear out the remnants of sleeper ce...

Bergen: No, Trump didn't defeat ISIS

On Tuesday, US-backed forces announced that Raqqa, the de facto capital of ISIS in Syria, had fallen.

ISIS' power is waning, but its child slave trade is still booming

A lonely four-year-old stands on a patch of waste ground that passes for a football field. This is where he plays, silent and alone. After years in...

Video shows Raqqa execution spot

This exclusive drone footage shows empty streets and destroyed buildings in Raqqa, a city on the brink of being liberated from ISIS.

ISIS defeated in Raqqa as 'major military operations' declared over

US-backed forces fighting ISIS in Raqqa say "major military operations" in the city have ended and that the jihadists have lost control of their se...

Life inside Raqqa

It's notoriously difficult to get information out of Raqqa. ISIS monitors everything inside the city and CNN has a policy of not contacting anyone ...

Did Japan just ban tattoo artists?

Black is a color you won't find on the walls of Ron Sugano's tattoo parlor in the upmarket Meguro district of south-west Tokyo, where quaint geomet...

N. Korea: War may begin 'at any moment'

Brian Todd reports on a North Korean ambassador's warning, that nuclear war could break out "at any moment."

How Xi Jinping's China stacks up with the rest of the world

In a pivotal three-hour speech, China's President Xi Jinping on Wednesday painted a rosy picture of the country's accomplishments over the past fiv...

Kenya's election chief fears presidential vote won't be credible

Kenya's electoral commission chief warned Wednesday that he lacked faith in the possibility of Kenya delivering a free and fair presidential electi...

Diwali: One festival, many customs

Diwali is one of the most important Hindu festivals in India -- but the colorful customs and meanings associated with it can vary dramatically depe...

The future of China: Muscle

China is on a mission. That much at least one can conclude from the nearly three-and-a-half hour speech that President Xi Jinping gave in Beijing a...

Driving out ISIS is just the start -- rebuilding Raqqa will take years

As the smoke over Raqqa slowly clears, questions about the governance of the Syrian city and its stability will soon need answering.

The Kurdish people have won the moral argument -- the world should embrace our independence

Many who follow what is happening in the Middle East will be wondering what's next for the failed former states of Iraq and Syria in a post-ISIS wo...

Why Britain needs the immigrants it doesn't want

Britain has a problem: It wants fewer immigrants, but its economy desperately needs more.

Magical sports moments for sick kids

Blake Rockwell grew up playing sports with other children in his neighborhood. But a congenital heart defect had prevented one of his older brother...

He rolls out the red carpet for ill sports fans

Blake Rockwell's nonprofit has given thousands of seriously ill children all-access, V.I.P. experiences at college sporting events around the country.

Childhood leukemia doesn't always mean isolation

With the help of a robot from CNN Hero Leslie Morissette's nonprofit, one fourth grader stays connected to his school and friends while battling le...

Dare Not Linger: Mandela's book sequel launched in South Africa

The follow-up to the late South African president's celebrated memoir is launched in Johannesburg.

Australia citizenship overhaul hits Senate hurdle

A bill making citizenship harder to obtain will be revised after it failed to pass a Senate hurdle.

Algeria's Said Chitour - spy or journalist?

The family of an Algerian journalist arrested on espionage charges is desperately trying to secure his release.

Fresh mandate?

Shinzo Abe is banking on his rebounding popularity and his opposition in disarray.

'Death Island'

British soldiers opened the first concentration camp in Russia in 1918, during World War One. To locals it was known as "Death Island".

Fleeing home

Who are they, why are they fleeing from Myanmar and what is the international community doing?

Santiago Maldonado: Body found in search for Argentine activist

Argentina's political parties suspend election campaigning as experts work to identify the body.

Somalia: Mogadishu bomb victim killed day before graduation

Maryam Abdullah's father was flying out for her graduation, but ended up attending her funeral.

Russia socialite Ksenia Sobchak declares presidential bid

The Kremlin welcomes her candidacy while commentators say it may split the opposition.

Rohingya crisis: Refugees tell of 'house by house' killings

Refugees continue to pour into Bangladesh, adding to the world's fastest-growing humanitarian crisis.

National icon

When the Tragically Hip lead singer said he was suffering from terminal brain cancer, Canada grieved, because the band mined the nation's cultural ...

McKayla Maroney: Olympic gymnast 'abused' by Larry Nassar

London 2012 gold medallist McKayla Maroney says she was sexually abused by a former USA gymnastics doctor.

Awkward moments as Sessions questioned by Senate

The US attorney general appears lost for words as he fields questions connected to the Russia probe.

Trump NFL row: NFL won't make players stand for anthem

The league commissioner says players should stand, but stopped short of imposing a rule.

Trump was insensitive in call to widow - soldier's mother

The mother of a US soldier who was killed in action says the president showed "disrespect".

Tearful Trudeau mourns Canada rock icon

The Canadian prime minister pays tribute to the Tragically Hip frontman as "one of the best of us".

Gunman on loose after five shot in Maryland office

The suspect allegedly shot five colleagues in Maryland and a man at a Delaware car dealership.

Malta PM 'shocked' by Daphne Caruana Galizia's murder

Joseph Muscat said he was "flabbergasted" when he heard Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed in a car bomb.

Sunwing flyer sues because he got sparkling wine not champagne

The plaintiff says champagne was promised in the brochure; the airline calls the lawsuit "frivolous".

Quebec bans niqab for public services with neutrality law

The Canadian province passes a religious neutrality law on face coverings.

Project to rebuild The Gambia after brutal rule

A group of musicians, television producers and filmmakers have launched a project to help re-build The Gambia's shattered economy, following 22 yea...

Muslim cleric held over selfie star's murder

Pakistani police say a Muslim cleric has been arrested over the murder of social media star Qandeel Baloch.

Trudeau's tears: Canada PM mourns rock star

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has broken down in tears as he paid tribute to the lead singer of rock band Tragically Hip on national televis...

Celeb TV host to challenge Putin in election

A celebrity TV host says she plans to run in next year's Russian presidential election where she is expected to face Vladimir Putin.

Spain threatens to remove Catalan autonomy

The Spanish government has issued a final warning to Catalan leaders - abandon independence or we will take your regional autonomy away.

Chechen mothers' agony over IS daughters

We did not expect to meet so many people.

'Mafia' blows doors off Swedish police station

An organised crime group is believed to be behind an explosion that blew the doors off a police station in Sweden.

Xi proclaims 'new era' of 'Chinese dream'

At the heart of Xi Jinping's almost three-and-a-half hour speech was a single clear message - we are entering a new era.

Pair fired after United Airlines passenger removed

Two airport security officers have been sacked for their part in the forcible removal of a passenger from a plane that left him bleeding from a bro...

North Korea mountain 'damaged by nuclear tests'

The launch site for several of North Korea's nuclear tests appears to be caving in - a condition known as "Tired Mountain Syndrome".