Stranded fur seal found in Manaba dies

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The South African Association for Marine Biological Research said that the sub-Antarctic fur seal found in Manaba on Tuesday has died. The fur seal was “exhausted and passed away shortly after the team left the beach”.

The SAAMBR Animal Rescue team travelled to Manaba Beach with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Marine Ecologist, Jennifer Olbers earlier on Tuesday morning to collect a stranded sub-Antarctic fur seal. “After receiving pictures of the stranded seal on the KZN Marine Stranding Network, it was evident that this seal needed to be taken into care and that it was not merely resting on the beach before heading off on its journey home,” the organisation said.

When the team arrived at the beach the seal hardly reacted to their presence and offered no resistance when he was loaded into the transport box. Healthy sub-Antarctic fur seals put up a strong resistance if approached too closely – which is why we encourage people who come across a seal on any beach to keep a healthy distance between them and the seal.

“Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the exhausted seal passed away shortly after the team left the beach.”

On arrival in Durban the SAAMBR Animal Health Team performed a post-mortem which showed the seal as an elderly seal who had not eaten for a very long time. “He was emaciated and extremely dehydrated. Further results will be available when the laboratory tests are completed,” the organisation added.

SAAMBR said that if one finds a stranded animal on the beach, please contact uShaka Sea World 031 328 8222 during office hours and 031 328 8060 after hours, public holidays and weekends.

More information is available on our website and the Stranded Animal booklet is also available to download.

It is important to provide a description of the animal and the exact location of the stranding, with directions, a good photo if possible and the contact details of the person who observed the stranding.

What to do:
1. Contact uShaka Sea World.
2. Send us a photo of seal.
Guidance will be given to first responders
on beach via phone as each situation is different.
3. Cordon off a 5m perimeter around seal.
4. Keep people and pets away.

Please do not:
1. Harass or chase seal back into the water.
2. Touch the seal.
3. Feed the seal.

Please note:
Transport by public prohibited.

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