Mondli Makhanya: The need for unlearning racism and detoxing racists


There is this thing about bigots and their belated apologies.

They usually mumble some forced statement that ends with the phrase: “I am sorry if/that I offended anyone.”

Which means that, firstly, the person is so prejudiced that they did not know that what they said was offensive and, secondly, they would not have apologised if nobody had objected to their utterances.

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  1. Amazing! An article against racism, written by a racist! For in his perverted world where clearly color matters, only white people (again) can be racists, but (again) never Blacks. (Yawn). For instance, where is the racist rant of Khumalo? Or the MP who stated they must bury White farmers alive?
    People like this Mondli black supremacist do not fight racism. They create it. For the more you victimize, accuse and genocide a people, the more they will fight back. And we will.

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