Sheppie SAPS warn public of stolen vehicle, livestock scam



Police would like to alert the public of a scam targeting people who have had their vehicles stolen. The vehicle owner receives an SMS or similar message stating that the VCIU or the police have recovered his or her vehicle and requests that a stipulated amount of money be deposited for the vehicle to be returned. This is a scam to extort money from the unsuspecting vehicle owners. Should they receive such messages, they are to immediately contact the investigating officer or nearest police station regarding the case. No payments or deposits should be made for the recovery or return of their stolen vehicles.

The same modus operandi is used for persons who have opened cases for stock theft. The caller may know certain details of the cases and can sound very convincing. A payment  for storage or cartage is requested to be deposited in order for the recovered livestock to returned to the owner.

Under no circumstances will monies be requested by police for investigations. The public must be alert and not entertain contact with fraudsters.



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