Winklespruit family held at knifepoint by gang in home invasion


A Winkelspruit family was lucky to survive an armed robbery unharmed after a knife-wielding gang held them up in their home.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said the gang jumped over the front wall of the property and walked into the house through a door that had been left open. The incident occurred at around 6.55pm on Friday.

“The gang held up the resident and his wife and child at knifepoint and proceeded to load valuables, including a Playstation console, a hi-fi and an electronic tablet into the family’s vehicle. They also grabbed house keys, bank cards and personal documents before fleeing the scene,” Mathios said.

Mathios warned residents to ensure doors, and at least security gates, are kept locked, especially at night. “Opportunistic criminals will jump at the chance that an unlocked, open door presents to them and organised criminals stake out properties to ascertain residents movements and any weak points in their security.

“It’s important to be security conscious and to not to let down your guard by leaving security gates and doors wide open while you are at home, especially if these are visible from the road or neighbouring properties.”


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