Rawlins: ‘we will back them’

There have been several significant developments concerning service delivery in both the Hibiscus Coast Municipality and the Ugu District Municipality over the past few months, including the appointment of two new municipal managers who have undertaken to not only improve service delivery, but to introduce austerity and disciplinary measures, and who are now under extreme pressure from trade unionists. Despite these measures, many rate payers remain sceptic about the question whether Messrs. Max Mbili and D.D. Naidoo will be able to make a difference because of the pressures they will have to withstand.    eHowz!t quizzed  Cllr. Doug Rawlins of the opposition Democratic Alliance on the matter……..

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  1. Well said Doug! We need all to register and we need to Vote for a positive change in our country. We need Freedom that we can Use and to do that we need a vibrant Democracy.
    To paraphrase from the famous poem by Martin Niemöller;
    When they came for the Opposition, I kept silent because I was not a member of the Opposition
    When they came for me because I was a Democrat, I kept silent because I was not a Democrat
    When they came for the Voters, I kept silent because I was not a Voter
    When they came for the Constitution, I kept silent because I was not interested in the Constitution
    When they came for the our Freedom of Speech and Association, I was silent because these things did not bother me.
    Then when they came for me there was nobody to speak out and defend me!

    Register, think, choose and Vote in the Elections! You are the difference and your Vote counts in every way possible!

  2. Now that you have seen the AG reports for both Municipalities and Cnlr. Henderson confirming they are “going backwards”, do you still “back them”? Im not going to quote Einstein again. You know what he said!


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