Bullseye: Roy’s Invitational soar in Sheppie darts opener


Port Shepstone Country Club hosted its first darts evening on Thursday.

The evening was opened by a speech from club chairman, Leon Reeders (pictured), who ceremoniously delivered the first dart – a bullseye.

Sixteen darts players took to the floor, ably supported by a large group of hagglers. At the end of a wonderful evening, Roy Anderson’s Invitational Team beat Geoff Hudson’s Invitational Team 8-1.

The next darts evening will be held on Thursday, 4 February.

Anyone interested in playing darts socially or joining the Darts Club can contact Kevin Lancaster on 082 901 0500 for more information. Darts can be obtained from the Bar Staff at R50 a deposit for those that would like to play socially.


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