Diver in critical condition after Umkomaas dive

At 08h54 on Monday morning, Netcare 911 paramedics responded to the Umkomaas Diving site.

Reports from the scene indicate that the female was at 18 metres for four minutes when she developed a life-threatening medical condition. The fantastic action from the dive master and his calm approach in my opinion, and I have been a commercial diver for many years, saved this females life.

Paramedics learned that the dive master noticed that the female battled to breathe and she became very distressed. The indications that followed showed that she had a life-threatening condition where her lungs was filling with her own body fluid making breathing virtually impossible. Yet even with this condition, he made sure that, he kept her DV in her mouth and did the necessary decompression stops.

When they got to the boat, the call went out to us to meet them on the beach. Paramedics got the scene and found the female to have a life-threatening condition. The Advanced Life Support paramedics and his team worked fervently at the scene to stabilise the patient before they transported her to a specialised hospital for further care.

To the dive master and the dive charters, we at Netcare 911 salute you for your awesome professional care that you give the divers

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