PHOTOS: Hibiscus Coast Photographic Society snaps up national acclaim


Quintin van Jaarsveld

The Hibiscus Coast Photographic Society celebrated a spectacular 2017 at their end-of-year awards dinner at St Michael’s Hotel on Saturday.

The club well and truly put the South Coast on the map this year, both with its stunning imagery of particularly the picturesque local landscape, and by snapping up two top achievements.

The club finished as the runners-up in the annual Photographic Society of South Africa (PSSA) National Club Championships, cementing themselves as the second-best out of well over 150 PSSA-affiliated clubs across the country, as well as the top club in KwaZulu-Natal.

“We were so delighted with our double take,” Hibiscus Coast Photographic Society chairperson Kathy Kay told eHowzit.

“We worked hard on improving the quality of photography of our members. We held monthly judging and comment evenings, workshops and photo shoots and started a judges’ training course, and it’s paying off in leaps and bounds.”

The club’s feats are even more impressive considering it almost closed down in 2009 due to lack of interest and membership.

“Henry Oppel, Ari du Toit, Jenni Williams and I agreed to take over the reins and attempt to grow the club, which we did. With passion, enthusiasm, advertising, teaching and encouragement, we grew our membership to over 50 members,” explained Kay.

It’s a close-knit club, Kay said, consisting of camera lovers of all levels and walks of life.

“Our members consist of professionals, amateurs, seniors and juniors all with the same goal in mind – to share and enjoy our passion. We really do have amazing photographers and there’s such enthusiasm and passion in the club…it’s fantastic.”

She stressed the club’s main aim is “to help people improve their photography and above all, have fun doing it.”

Elaborating on how the club goes about nurturing the talent of its members, she said, “We meet once a month on the first Wednesday at St Mike’s Hotel. Members start at one-star level and progress up the ladder to master star.

“Each month, members may enter up to four images, which are projected onto a large screen, judged and a short comment is given on how to possibly improve the image etc.

“Each award is worth points and these points enable members to advance up the ladder. Our club evening is primarily about enjoying one another’s art and where necessary, teaching individual members how to improve their image.”

Nerissa Naidoo was the big winner at Saturday’s awards function, walking away with the prestigious Photographer of the Year award, with Malcolm Sutton scooping the Junior Photographer of the Year award.

The proudly South Coast club enjoys capturing and exhibiting the natural beauty of the region, most beautifully highlighted through its Local is Lekker competition earlier this year.

In a year in which the South Coast has made headlines for all the wrong reasons, the success of the club is a picture-perfect piece of positivity.

Kay concluded that new members (who pay a low annual membership fee to cover the cost of teas, equipment etc.) are welcome and invite anyone interested to attend one of the club’s monthly evenings.

Hibiscus Coast Photographic Society information and contact details:

Chairperson: Kathy Kay (APSSA/EPSSA) 082 820 0868
Secretary: Evelyn Veringa: 060 785 8020
Print Steward: Henry Oppel: (LPSSA) 082 492 1634

Some of the top entries in the Local is Lekker competition:

Hibiscus Coast Photographic Society Photographer of the Year Nerissa Naidoo – African Beauty.

Hibiscus Coast Photographic Society Junior Photographer of the Year Malcolm Sutton – Ballroom Dancing.

Henry Oppel – One Wet Step.

Ian Taylor – Half Collared Kingfisher.

Kathy Kay – Iguana at Pure Venom.

Kathy Kay – Polocrosse Champs at Paddock.

Tanya Nadauld – Nature’s Child.

Toi Skellern – Margate Bike Week.

Award winners:

Individual star ratings

One star – Runner up – Carlien Oberholzer
One star – Winner in star – Ken Edberg

Two star – Runner up – Akash Basday
Two star – Winner in star – Tanya Nadauld

Three star – Runner up – Toi Skellern
Three star – Winner in star – Malcolm Sutton

Four star – Runner up – Rhona Sellschop
Four star – Winner in star – Ian Taylor

Five star – Runner up – Dave Mullin
Five star – Winner in star – Nerissa Naidoo

M Bronze – Runner up – Tom Prins
M Bronze – Winner in star – Jacques Sellschop

National Salons

a) Most salon acceptances – Two star – Ken Etberg
b) Most salon acceptances – Three Star – Malcolm Sutton
c) Most salon acceptances – Four star – Ian Taylor
d) Most salon acceptances – Five star – Nerissa Naidoo
e) Most salon acceptances – Five star MB Jacques Sellschop

Set Subject 2017-12-02

Junior – Carlien Oberholzer – Silver Medal
Senior – Jacques Sellschop – Silver medal

Most points

a) Runner up overall – juniors – Tanya Nadauld – HCPS Silver medal
b) Runner up overall – seniors – Nerissa Naidoo – HCPS Silver medal
c) Winner overall – juniors – Malcolm Sutton – HCPS Gold Medal
d) Winner overall – seniors – Jacques Sellschop – HCPS Gold Medal

Print Steward Award – Gold Medal

Joint runners up – Malcolm Sutton and Ken Etberg
Winner – Jacques Sellschop

Photographer of the Year

Winner – Nerissa Naidoo
Junior – Malcolm Sutton


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