PHOTOS: Southcity matrics finish school on perfect note


Southcity Christian College matrics boast a 100 percent pass rate for 2017.

The class of 2017 also produced 30 bachelor’s degree passes, 10 diploma passes and one higher certificate pass.

Overall, the group earned 42 distinctions, 67 B symbols and 57 C symbols in individual subjects, and the entire class qualified to study further.

Liam Erasmus was the top performer with seven distinctions. Matthew Pringle earned six distinctions, Milisa Mahlangeni and Daniel Francesconi four A’s each, Aiden Spalding and Britney Pieterse three A’s each, Wian van der Westhuizen, Jayde Horne, Jason Marx, Jaryd Robertson and Daina Pieterse two A’s each and Byron Bennett, Greg Hastings, Luke Lambert, Chelsea McClure one A each.

Matthew also placed in the top one percent in ‘Afrikaans first additional language’.


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