Top honour for Creston’s Clark


Being part of the family of Curro allows us Creston College to partake in certain events which Curro run at various times throughout the year.

We had the privilege of taking a number of learners up to the annual Curro Arts Superhero event, which gives our learners a platform to submit artworks, dance, act, sing, play instruments as well as other disciplines.

The items are adjudicated by professionals in their fields and the performances are graded accordingly. The highest possible achievement within the CAS programme is a Kryptonite award.

This is a beautiful badge awarded to any performer who receives between 95-100% for their performance. This is an incredibly prestigious award, and rare too.

Last year, Curro only handed out 18 Kryptonite badges amongst a total of 2000 performers from Curro schools across the country.

We are very proud to announce that one of our very own learners has received a Kryptonite badge – a badge that he gets to wear on his blazer for the rest of his schooling career.

For singing and playing his guitar – a Kryptonite badge was awarded to Clark Allan. Well done!


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