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A pair of passionate women are heading up the ILoveBoobies initiative on the South Coast.

Angela Bunge and Cindy Francis form the driving force behind the local movement after being named ILoveBoobies Ambassadors at the beginning of the year.

They form part of a team of 75 ILoveBoobies Ambassadors from USA, Denmark, Portugal, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, UK, Spain and South Africa.

Many locals have seen the dynamic duo and supporters sport ILoveBoobies gear, sparking curiosity about the eye-catching name.

Bunge explained to eHowzit: “ILoveBoobies is a non-profit company and public benefit organisation that raises funds to give rural South Africa access to mobile health screening clinics where woman are screened for and educated about breast cancer.

“We raise funds by receiving donations and selling sports socks and fashion apparel online with a joint venture fund-raising programme with Cancer Association of South Africa. For every five pairs of socks sold, one woman is screened for breast cancer.”

Bunge added, “We believe that everyone has been touched by cancer in some way. We want to be able to make a difference by early detection and ILoveBoobies does this by creating awareness, education, and fund-raising through the participation in events all over the world.

“In order to do our part here on the South Coast, Cindy and I will be hosting a monthly ILoveBoobies group ride to raise awareness by wearing ILoveBoobies socks or cycling shirt on the day at the Burry Stander Bike Park in Tweni.

“We held our first outride recently and it was a hit; everyone enjoyed the ride and the awesome coffee and get-together afterwards thanks to Charles and Mandy Stander.”

Aside from the monthly outrides, ILoveBoobies will host their main charity event on 29 June at the Burry Stander Bike Park. The event will consist of fun 40km, 20km and 10km mountain biking group rides as well as a 5km trail run.

For more information, contact Bunge on 082 442 3212 or visit the following links:

Angela Bunge is raising money for ILoveBoobies ZA

Click on the watch on Facebook link below to watch the video of the first local ILoveBoobies mountain bike group ride:


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