Gamalakhe swimming pool won’t be repaired in time for Festive Season


By Thami Charles Nkosi

After reports of vandalism at the Gamalakhe community swimming pools, Ray Nkonyeni Municipality HOD for community services Mthandeni Ndwalane told councilors during the Exco meeting on Tuesday that the swimming pool would not be repaired in time for the Festive Season.

Ndwalane said due to the extent of vandalism in the swimming pool it was impossible for the municipality to make repairs in such a short space of time.

Ndwalane said the municipality had closed the swimming pool. No swimming activities would take place until the process of obtaining a service provider to fix the pool and the building was complete.

“After the repairs, the municipality will put a 24-hour security guard in place to ensure the pool remains in a proper condition,” Ndwalane said.

Recent media reports revealed that the facility’s ablution block was in a sorry state.

The issue was discussed when Mayor Cynthia Mqwebu posed a question on whether the swimming pool would be ready and in good condition as the Festive Season was approaching,

Concern has been raised that children will not being able to make use of the pools, which are nearby and convenient for those who cannot afford to travel to other areas.

Mayor Mqwebu said the  the swimming pool issue was raised in April, and the council recommended that it should be repaired and maintained. However, none of that had happened.

The swimming pools have not been maintained for some time and have been left to deteriorate, Gamalakhe residents claim.

The upset residents claim that they have raised the issue with Municipality for years in an effort to keep the pools and their ablution block in good condition.

The swimming pools are dirty and neglected.


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  1. Once again , proof that time is of little relevance in Africa. A council recommendation in April to effect repairs , and 7 months later nothing has been done. Perhaps the “Right” contractor could not be found. This disgusting lack of civic mindedness will cause untold unhappiness for the Gamalakhe population denied access to the pool’s recreational facilities over the Christmas holidays. Residents claim the pool has not been maintained and allowed to deteriorate for some time. Does no one in RNM have the capacity to either take ownership of the pool maintenance, or failing that to have a competent company made responsible for the maintenance. This is after all a valuable Municipal asset which through incompetence has been allowed to deteriorate to a stage where it will cost a lot of money to restore to functionality. Perhaps the Municipal managers should take a walk through their wards and see first hand what is happening, or rather what is not happening.

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