REMINDER: Planned Ugu water shutdown on Tuesday




Ugu District Municipality hereby informs its customers of planned shutdown of 300- and 375-mm Steel Pipelines to conduct repairs and valve replacement on the offtake chamber in Uvongo Drive.

The planned shutdown is scheduled as follows:

DATE:    12 March 2019

DURATION: 12 HOURS (06:00 – 18:00)

AFFECTED AREAS: Margate Extension 3/7, Nosita, Ramsgate South and North, Uvongo

Customers are urged to use water very sparingly during this period as full supply restoration is expected 24 hours post shutdown for high lying areas. Based on the demand some reservoir outlets will be closed to maintain storage and enable quicker restoration.

Please also note that relief supply where required will be prioritised to Health facilities due to limitation of water tankers.

Customer patience and cooperation will be highly appreciated.




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  1. I`m rather concerned about the condition of our roads especially the R520 and Marine Drive in Margate.
    Potholes everywhere causing damage to vehicles let alone close accidents when trying to evade the holes.What amazes me is that we regularly see a vehicle going out to undergo repairs, but we seldom see them finish the job.
    Generally Municipality vehicles are usually parked outside either the Spar or Bargain Wholesalers in Manaba every morning for an hour or so whilst workers go shopping.By the time they get to site, have tea and lunch not much is left of the day.
    No wonder nothing ever gets done. Where is the supervision who can control these people and get an honest days work for their salary. They do not seem to understand and appreciate the word “work ethic” Unemployment is increasing when this type off effort is given by workers who are usually demanding higher salaries. They should start using their brains when adopting this attitude.

    Concerned about Margate`s Future

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