UPDATE: RNM services disrupted by strike at depot



Please note that the current strike by Depot 1 employees only affects areas from Hibberdene to Oslo Beach.

The affected services are verge cutting, refuse removal and street cleaning.

As stated before, the municipality is doing everything possible to urgently appoint a service provider to assist in the interim.

Thank you


Residents are advised that employees at Depot 1 are currently on strike. Services provided by this depot are therefore affected.

The municipality is working around the clock to secure the services of an interim provider as soon as possible, to mitigate against problems which may arise out of the workers actions.

We would like to apologise for inconvenience which may be caused, and appeal for patience.

Thank you,
The office of the Municipal Manager


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  1. As there was no advance warning of the strike, I assume it is illegal and there fore unprotected. Does the MM have the gonads to fire the strikers and employ people who genuinely want to work and not merely appear daily in order to get paid at month end. The fact that the Municipality is “working around the clock to secure the services of an interim provider as soon as possible” indicates a lack of forward planning. Illegal strikes are not an unusual occurrence in Municipal entities and I would expect contingency plans to be on hand to be implemented immediately , without the elite of Municipal staff having to forego their well deserved beauty sleep in such an unseemly manner as having to negate the actions of wanton disruption of an essential service.

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