UGU Water Services Department opens 24 hour SMS query and complaint line


The Ugu District Municipality Water Services Department has opened a 24-Hour SMS line aimed at efficiently and effectively attending to customer water and sanitation queries.

At standard network rates customers can SMS the Customer Care centre on 44751 where they will receive acknowledgement of receipt and a reference number within an hour of receivng the SMS. “The SMS line is another modus operandi of reducing the call rate therefore reducing the inconvenience of longer waiting periods in call centre telephone queues.”

This line has been created two achieve two aspects of water services. Prevention of water loss where customers can report illegal water connections, broken meters, leaks and burst pipes. Service interruption which include water outages, poor water qaulity and low water pressure. “we are exploring available communication platforms that will assist us provide a more assessable communication interface. The sms line will also tremendously benefit our rural communities since the toll free number is only limited to land lines.”

When sending a service query, customers are urged to include their names, exact location of problem and a brief description of problem to ensure the fault is attended to within the service standard time.  “A quality assurance official may contact customers to conduct a service quality assurance to measure the level of customer satisfaction and ensure quality output.”

Users of this SMS line will be entered into their community customer data base for regular updates on water supply and other services in their areas.

For regular updates on the pipeline upgrade, water and sanitation issues, communities are urged to engage with their ward councillors or call 08000 WATER (92837) or (039) 688 5830/36 or SMS 44751.

 Ugu District Municipality promotes working together to create an environment that is friendly responsive, accountable, effective and efficient for local communities.



For more information and media queries contact:

Senior Manager: Mayoralty and Communications

Mr Sipho Khuzwayo

(039) 688 5863 or 0798827502






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  1. The call centre dosnt work . Why should sms ? Remember to save your sent sms,s as evidence if your problem isnt attended to.

  2. I have a little sympathy for the poor person answering the phone, because they are obviously lied to by the repair team, and feed us false information

  3. Good afternoon. Could you please send me my water bill.
    Acc. No.: 50163662
    Ref.address: 280
    (6 Crescent Rd,Southport.)
    Cell. 078 648 3924

  4. Ellynnore Frost on

    I dont receive my ugu account. And i have phone every month for the amount owing. Can you please rectify that a person can have proof of expenditures

  5. Ayesha Kadwa on

    Leaving an SMS or msg to call back falls on deaf ears! I have been having a problem with poor service delivery for the last 3 or so years.

  6. Would it all be possible to let us know if someone is attending to the NO WATER situation in Port Edward
    Thank you kindly

  7. hi. ive reported a water leak about 2 weeks ago. to date no one has repaired the leak. yet today i have recieved an sms stated the leak is sorted out. how is this possible? 2 weeks and water is still running. the call centre takes ages to anwser calls to report leaks. You can contact me directly on 073 535 6786.

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