President Ramaphosa in Masinenge: ‘ANC aims to make SA the best country in Africa’


The ANC is the only organisation in the country committed to improving the lives of the people, party president Cyril Ramaphosa said on Monday.

He was speaking to residents of the Masinenge informal settlement in Marburg, on the Lower South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal.

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  1. Melody Jerome on

    Wow our president has graced us with his presents but yet there is a family of four in lower Albersville that has been living there for decades and these people are surrounded by homes that got a road and lights and proper toilets and homes .It’s so unfair when it comes to voting time everyone promises things and they don’t deliver..
    So many people have passed away on that small piece of land and emergency services couldn’t get to the top because they have no road and as I type this this women who is a pensioner and lives with her two grandchildren and daughter have to light candles and with gas and also use a man hole toilet of which is not safe at all.
    If our president could see this and tell the nation to vote but yet families are living in such conditions is it fair ????
    They were promised a road and lights and proper toilets,homes but nothing has been done why ?
    It’s like they were just pushed aside like trash.
    South African citizens if you don’t believe me go and see it for yourself I will even give you the address
    Lot82 Old sugar mill road ,Lower Albersville ,Port Shepstone
    I so hurt that nobody is even thinking of doing something to improve these people living life

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