14 great things to do at home this Easter

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Not everyone has some exciting getaway planned for Easter. Whether you are avoiding the death trap of the national roads, have house guests, a family dinner on Sunday or simply could not afford to go away after you had to pay for the new geyser, relax – you have lots of company. There are lost of things you can do to make this an exciting break. Plan a day trip. Get a friend or two together and plan to drive somewhere pretty in the vicinity of where you live. Go and have lunch, or a picnic, visit a museum or two, go for a hike, and check out the local shops or art galleries. Revive your DVD contract. Get out a movie or two, especially if the weather is cold and rainy. Invite someone to join you and order a home-delivered pizza. Shop till you drop. If finances are low, you don’t have to buy much. Window-shopping can be very entertaining. If you are planning to make a big purchase somewhere in the not-too-distant future, use the weekend to scout around for a bargain. Easter egg hunt. You are never too old to have a happy Easter. If you don’t have kids, get together with friends and do the Easter egg and hot cross bun thing. Go to the movies. Most cinemas will be operating over the Easter weekend. This is an excellent time to catch up on all the movies you have wanted to see, but just didn’t have the time to get round to it. Be adventurous and go and see something you usually wouldn’t break your neck to get to see. Do the sub-title thing, or the car-chase-thing or the scream-your-head-off kind of movie. Catch up on your e-mail. All those old friends who have begun to wonder whether you have disappeared off the face of the earth will appreciate hearing from you. Drop them an e-mail. Five lines will be enough and infinitely preferable to complete silence. Cook dinner for your friends. Or, if finances are low, have a bring-and-braai. With a bit of luck the weather will still hold out. Pasta and salad could also do the trick. Friends who are also at home for the weekend will be delighted by an invitation. The duty thing. If there has been a job waiting to be done and which is weighing on your conscience, such as replacing the sand in the pool filter or cleaning out your study, just do it. One always feels so noble when the dreadful deed is done. Get it over at the beginning of the weekend, so you can relax and enjoy yourself. Do the family thing. That is, if they are in the same place as you are. If they aren’t, do the substitute family thing. Godparents, older friends or any friends you have had for a long time can be invited to a get-together. The nice thing about Easter Sunday is that it is an excuse to eat just as much as at Christmas, without the attendant present and family dramas. Do something new. Do something you have always wanted to do, but have never really got together. Go bungee-jumping, climb the mountain, go and watch a cricket match, go for a long walk somewhere pretty, go to the races or visit the local art gallery. Revisit your childhood. Remember how you enjoyed playing Monopoly or building 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles? Now you have the time to do it again. Go to the beach. That is, if there is one within driving distance. This might be the last opportunity you have to swim, to get sand in your ears, to build a sandcastle. The winter is upon us. Spend a day reading. How many books do you have on your absolutely-must-read-but-I-never-have-the-time list? Now you do have the time. If needs be, send the kids to their gran for the day. Go out for a romantic dinner. That is, if there is romance in your life at present. It needn’t cost an arm and a leg. Take your own wine, and stick to a main course. A pizza by candlelight can also be very pleasant.


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