6500 Dagga trees destroyed in Mistake farm

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IMG-20160413-WA003 A plantation of six thousand, five hundred mature dagga trees that were ready for harvesting went up in smoke before they could flood the market.

Acting on information received that dagga was being cultivated in valley close to the Mpambinyoni River in Mistake Farm, inland of Umzinto, police set off in search of the field last week Wednesday.

“They found the field fenced off with bamboo and the leaves of the dagga trees were ready for harvesting. Although nobody could be found in the vicinity and there were no houses in the area, it was obvious that the dagga was being cultivated. Water was also readily available from the nearby river,” spokesperson Captain Vincnt Pandarum said.

Police chopped down every tree before heaping and setting them alight. The grueling work kept them busy until late that afternoon but they were pleased that, even though nobody was arrested, the drugs were prevented from reaching the streets.

The dedicated and hardworking team of SAPS members worked tirelessly to ensure that the drugs didn’t reach the streets where it destroys lives and families.


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