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The only survivor from the Kombi, a 15-year-old boy, was found trapped in the vehicle.

Seven people were killed and one critically injured in a collision between a truck, a Kombi and a Pajero on the N3 at Harrismith yesterday evening (January 10).

ER24 paramedics were on scene at 7.20pm, along with Free State EMS, the Fire Department, Highway Patrol, N3TC road patrol and one other private emergency medical service.

The Pajero was found up against the barrier on the Johannesburg-bound side of the highway and the Kombi was found wedged under the front of a truck, in the veld, on the Durban-bound side.

Two people were found dead in the Pajero on arrival by Free State EMS.

Five people in the Kombi, believed to be from one family, were found with fatal injuries and also declared dead at the scene. All the occupants were trapped in the vehicle.

The only survivor from the Kombi, a 15-year-old boy, was also trapped in the vehicle. It took teamwork from all emergency services at the scene to help keep the truck from collapsing further, while others helped extract the critically injured patient.

He was treated and transported to hospital by the other private medical service on scene. Both sides of the freeway were severely backed up following the accident, but as stated, N3TC, as well as SAPS Highway Patrol, were on scene to control traffic, as well as carry out investigations.

ER24 would like to thank all the services at the scene for their teamwork in saving the 15-year-old boy.


Article written by: Northern Natal News

Photo credit: Northern Natal News

Link: https://northernnatalnews.co.za/lnn/1149247/7-killed-in-horror-crash-on-n3-at-harrismith/

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