8 bizzare ice cream flavours

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Bacon, wasabi, bone marrow, truffle oil, mustard, sweet potato and Indian curry flavours.

Ice cream has been a long-time favourite treat of many people.

Whether it’s a simple scoop of vanilla with hot apple crumble, or a decadent sugar cone of Belgian chocolate, this frozen dessert is as universal as it gets – everyone likes ice cream.

Traditionally classified as a dessert, ice cream has evolved over the years into some weird and wonderful varieties.

Savoury ice cream

The most baffling for me? Savoury ice cream. I mean, isn’t ice cream supposed to be sweet? Heston Blumenthal broke those boundaries with his ‘Bacon and egg’ ice cream a couple of years ago which started a flavour revolution.

Here are some of the most bizarre and inventive ice creams that people are making around the world:

Beer Ice Cream

The trend is catching on overseas, with many craft breweries freezing up their own concoctions.

According to these breweries, a unique and flavourful beer, particularly a strong ale or a stout will give the ice cream a malty, only slightly bitter flavour that combined with the cream leaves your with a smooth, lasting taste.

A beer ice cream – sounds like the perfect treat on a hot day.

Bacon Ice Cream

In a world where most people I know go nuts for all things bacon, it was bound to happen. Trends pick up faster than ever, and bacon mania has caught on in the world of desserts.

Ice cream expert David Lebovitz experimented with these two ingredients and was left with something smoky, salty and sweet – a dessert which is picking up popularity faster than sliced bread.

Garlic ice cream

With just a touch of honey, this savoury ice cream is perfect for the dinner table.  A scoop of this smooth and creamy savoury treat goes perfectly over some mashed potato or on a steak.

A sweet vanilla taste lingers while the garlic contributes a rich, buttery flavour.

Bone marrow ice cream

Extracted bone marrow from cow bones wouldn’t exactly scream “ice cream flavour” to me, but it did for a man in America.

He created a seriously weird, but apparently very tasty ice cream flavour by rendering the fat and cooking it down with cream creating this wacky flavour which many people are really enjoying. Surprising? I think so.

Truffle oil

Our very own blogger The Curious Gastronomer recently blogged this interesting flavour in a creamy gelato – truffle oil. It looks absolutely divine.

Wasabi ice cream

The Japanese have taken their ability to adapt different customs and styles from places around the world, and have put their spin on a wacky flavoured ice cream.

What they’ve come up with is a scoop of the frozen dessert that’s packed with a punch. The sting of wasabi is soothed by the cream and makes for a surprisingly edible ice cream.

Sweet potato ice cream

This sweet and hearty vegetable is now being used to make an ice cream that is both unique and delicious.

The earthiness of a sweet potato is complemented by the cream, creating a scoop of comfort in a bowl. Top with some caramalised pecans and you’ll be in ice cream heaven.

Mustard ice cream

This is more of a savoury take on the traditional dessert favourite, but still as wacky as they come.

Mustard ice cream has become so popular it has even hit the shelves in England as a stylish condiment, with none other than Heston Blumenthal (again) being the brains behind this unusual feature at the dinner table.

Sounds like something right up my alley…

Indian curry ice cream

The Japanese are at it again with their take on a traditional Indian curry in ice cream form. I can imagine the aromas wafting from the cone and the strange feeling a scoop of ice cold, creamy curry would taste like.

I’m not sure if it totally weirds me out or sounds quite nice. – Kate Rethman

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