Activists demand more female Lego characters

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TNA Reporter

Gender equality activists have started an online petition asking the construction toys manufacturer to create a Minifigure set that features girl characters.

The petition launched by a group called the Brave Girls Alliance on website states that ‘families are looking for multi-layered, diverse and strong media characters to enrich girls’ imaginations’.

“It hurts my heart to hear my seven year old ask why there are not more girls represented in LEGO, her favourite toy,” the group’s founding member Melissa Wardy writes.

The group is suggesting that LEGO take on the manufacturing of a Female Minifigure Set, which has been a submitted for LEGO’s public contest, CUUSOO.

The line includes 13 female characters, some of whom are paleontologists, astronomers, robotics engineers and chemists.

According to the, CUUSOO allows creatives to submit concepts they would like to see turned into real LEGOs. A project only gets considered for production if it gets 10,000 supporters.

The Minifigure Set reached 10000 supporters on June 10, 2013 and is now in the review stage.

“Currently in all of the sets offered by LEGO, female characters make up only 16% of the Minifigures,” Wardy states in the petition.

“ LEGO can do better representing females in its building toys, and this proposed Female Minifigure series widely supported by consumers is a positive step in reaching gender balance.”

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