Afriforum says Ugu provides infrastructure for ‘illegal occupants’

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Media statement

13 March 2014

Ugu District Municipality installs infrastructure for illegal occupants – AfriForum

The local branch of the civil rights organisation AfriForum in Margate assisted Mr Fred Lauterbach of the farm The Exchange outside Margate to lodge a complaint of trespassing in terms of the Trespass Act, 1959 against the illegal occupants on his property as well as the Ugu District Municipality at the SAPS station in Gamalakhe.

Inkosi Dumisani Frederick Mavundla made a claim on Mr. Lauterbach’s farm and the farms of another 26 farmers in the area on behalf of the Mavundla Tribal Authority. The Land Claims Court of South Africa in Randburg reviewed and set aside Mavundla’s claim on 8 February 2010 and ordered the Regional Land Claims Commissioner of KwaZulu-Natal to withdraw the Government Gazette notice no 2759 of 2004 and to pay the costs of the 27 farmers. Mr. Lauterbach’s farm borders on the Alfred Native Location No 5, the residence of the Mavundla community.

Some of the illegal occupiers informed AfriForum that they had requested land from the Mavundla Tribal Authority to build houses and the Induna had given them these specific stands after they paid the necessary fees.

“It is a criminal offence to receive or solicit payment of any money or other consideration as a fee or charge for arranging or organising or permitting a person to occupy land without the consent of the owner or person in charge of that land,” said Chris Fourie, Community Co-ordinator for AfriForum in KwaZulu-Natal.

“One of the illegal dwellings on Mr. Lauterbach’s property has a Ugu Municipality water meter with PAT no 97/1160 and Eskom power installed. We are shocked that these government institutions can provide basic services to illegal occupiers. This can create the impression that it is acceptable to occupy land illegally”, said Mike Geiger, Vice-Chairperson of AfriForum’s local branch in Margate.

“AfriForum discussed this matter with an official of Ugu Water Services Authority and she confirmed that they will investigate this matter and will take the necessary steps,” Fourie concluded.

AfriForum will monitor the investigations of the SAPS and the Ugu Water Services Authority to ensure that the guilty parties are brought to book.

AfriForum appeals to the residents of the Hibiscus Coast to become involved with the local branch. Join an organisation that makes a difference! SMS “Margate” to 33136. The SMS costs 50c.

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