Amazing details come to light after Umzumbe’s special visitor’s death

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eHowzit reporter

New information obtained by the KwaZulu-Natal Marine Stranding Network has given fascinating insight into the life of one of Umzumbe’s regular and most remarkable visitors.

This comes after a ringed common tern was reported dead on the beach in Umzumbe last October.

The KwaZulu-Natal Marine Stranding Network on Wednesday revealed: “The information obtained tells us that the bird was ringed as a nestling at Kontiolahti in the breeding grounds of Finland in 1992.

“That makes the bird 26 years of age and is predicted the bird made the migration between Finland and South Africa approximately 50 times during its life.

“The straight line distance between Umzumbe and Kontiolahti is over 10 000km!”

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