ANC slams DA’s ‘misinformation campaign over title deeds handover’

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The African National Congress Lower South Coast has noted with concern the desperate attempt by the Democratic Alliance to mislead the public on the recent successful visit to the region by President Cyril Ramaphosa .   The statement by Rishigen Viranna of the DA alleging that Ray Nkonyeni Municipality used the handover of Title deeds as a way to fill up the hall at Marburg Secondary School is devoid of truth , factually baseless and highlights their genuine fears that President Ramaphosa  and the ANC is  now gaining the support and confidence of people across all communities .

The facts are simple and can be verified.  The ANC   invited  community  members to an ANC campaign led by President Ramaphosa  through the social media, printed pamphlets, and personal invites. None of these invites makes any mention of Title Deeds handovers.  We are indeed humbled by the overwhelming  reception, and support received from communities of Marburg, Merelwood and Port Shepstone .  The School Hall was filled to capacity with approximately 900 people filling the Hall and corridors on a busy Monday  which also happened to be the first day back at work .    It is precisely  this  enthusiasm and interest in the ANC by ordinary people that has unsettled Viranna and the DA to the point where they resort to making a malicious ,defamatory and factually unsubstantiated statements regarding the ANC.

We are aware that the Ray Nkonyeni Municipality did in fact hand out Title deeds as part of its continued programme of service delivery. Title deeds were handed to 18 beneficiaries at the Ray Nkonyeni Municipal Chambers by MEC Ravi Pillay and Mayor CN Mqwebu and NOT  at the ANC event as is being falsely peddled by the embattled Democratic Alliance  .  We also note that Ray Nkonyeni Municipality has already handed out 94% of all title deeds that were part of those that needed to be handed over from the old stock of housing units. Only 45 title deeds still need to be handed over, due to problems and delays caused by beneficiaries themselves .

The ANC Lower South Coast region wishes to thank the public for their warm and cordial reception afforded to President Ramaphosa and the ANC during his visit. We remain committed to working with all communities to help grow South Africa together.

Issued by ANC Lower South Coast


Selvan Chetty


Lindo Mzimela

073 801 1350

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