Medium Angelique SilvaLeaf: Gabriella is an angel of awareness and peace — video

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Angelique SilvaLeaf held two crossing over shows at the Wild Coast Sun in support of inspirational Port Edward youngster, Gabriella Dry recently.

The medium, best known for her weekly show on East Coast Radio, offered to do the shows and donated the proceeds to two-year-old Gabriella, who has Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy as well as epilepsy.

Lencel and Bev caught up with her at one of the shows to find out more about her spiritual connection with Gabriella, her gift and more.

For private sessions with SilvaLeaf contact her on 074 527 8347 or visit

Read Gabriella’s story here and follow her journey on Facebook.

Click here for our video interview with Gabriella’s mother, Nicole.

Donations to assist Gabriella can be made to the banking details below.

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