Armed robber shot dead in Shelly Beach

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An armed robber who was part of a gang who are suspected of robbing a supermarket and wounding a security guard in Mzamba, in the Eastern Cape, was shot dead in Shelly Beach on Friday afternoon.   The police were alerted that the gang were on their way to Margate, their vehicle was spotted, and the officers were in hot pursuit.   eHowzit received the following statement from Lt. Col. Zandra Wiid of the Port Shepstone SAPS Corporate Communication:

At lunch time on Friday 2013-08-16 a report was received of an Armed Robbery where three suspects robbed a supermarket in Mzamba, Eastern Cape,  and shot one security guard.  They fled in a maroon Toyota Run X with an NU registration plate towards Port Shepstone.  WO Marc Wiid from Port Shepstone K9 Search and Rescue also received the report when he was on the main road in the Mpenjati area.  Whilst he was travelling south, he saw the suspect vehicle coming from the opposite direction at a very high speed.  He had to turn around and then saw that a police van from Mzamba police was following the vehicle.  Whilst busy directing other police members as to the where about of this  suspect vehicle,  they saw that the driver was driving very recklessly.   WO Wiid and the Mzamba police vehicle lost sight of the Run X.   WO Trevor Moodley from Margate  SAPS was travelling  on the road near Margate and saw the suspect vehicle coming past.  He gave chase.  Other police vehicles were all dispatched to Shelly Beach area.  The Toyota Run X sped off into a side street amongst residences and three suspects jumped out.  They jumped over a wall fled through a garden  and ran into an adjacent bush.  Members from different units and police stations were already in the area and followed the suspects who started firing shots.  Police returned fire and one suspect was wounded in the leg and abdomen.  He died on scene whilst paramedics were trying to resusitate him.   A handgun was found in his possession.  The two other fled  and police searched the area. 

A jacket and bank cards were found in the bush and items stolen during  the robbery in Mzamba,  as well as a dvd player were found in the Run X.  An Attempted murder docket and an inquest docket will be investigated by Port Shepstone police.

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