Video report: Back home on South Coast after travelling over 70 000km in their Halfway Toyota modified Prado

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A local couple returned home after travelling the world in their 4×4 vehicle for over a year. Watch video report by Lencel here. Yachika Sewpersad-Mahadev asked the questions…..

Co and Evelyn Veringa, a Dutch couple who has been living on the South Coast for 11 years, travelled over 70 000km from the most northern point of Norway via the equator to the most southern port of South Africa. “It was magical to drive… but its good to be home,” Evelyn Veringa said.veringa2The couple drove 71 486kms in their modified Toyota Prado and visited 56 countries. The vehicle was modified by Halfway Toyota so the couple would have everything they needed to survive a trip like this. “The vehicle has a fridge, freezer, electricity… its a home on wheels,” said Ivan Narainsamy, Halfway Toyota’s Fitment Manager.

Co Veringa, who celebrated his 70th birthday on the world drive, said that they didn’t come across any difficulties with the vehicle. “We are still using the same tyres that were fitted one year ago, and I can still travel another 10 000km,” he said proudly.
veringa8“Europe was very special; so easy to travel and a combination of culture, nature, delicious food and the freedom to camp anywhere. In Africa it was a challenge to find places to camp, to find good food, to arrange visas, to survive in the chaotic traffic and on bad roads and meanwhile still enjoy the nature and the people,” she said.

The couple lived in their tent throughout the trip and cooked their own food.

The couple year of travelling has been documented on their blog, CAPE2NORDKAAP.




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