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The past few days have been absolute mayhem. Businesses have been looted and burned and some completely destroyed.

While many urban folks try to pick up the pieces and clean the affected towns, Umkomaas resident,

Mr Sandy Wheeler, has started a fundraising initiative on ‘backabuddy’ to help assist the residents of Umkomaas, in the wake of the recent looting.

This is his plea:

The past few days have been absolute mayhem. Businesses have been looted and burned and some completely destroyed.

Umkomaas is a small town on KZN South Coast.

We residents have experienced all these things with our residential areas also being targeted.

We have been invaded and were completely unprepared.

Nobody would have imagined such a thing happening in South Africa.

Fortunately, the looters were forced back by our police and our local community members, who began taking control of the situation.

A huge thank you to our locals for their brave and unrelenting stand against the looters who came to destroy everything we had.

This fundraising initiative will be used to better equip the community of Umkomaas with the resources required to protect themselves.

We should never be caught unprepared and defenceless when anyone tries to violate us again.

The money will be used for things like protective equipment, fuel, spotlights, barricading materials, and other equipment.

The people who have been keeping us safe are doing so by using their own financial means.

I would like to raise funds to take over that financial strain for them.

Their identities will remain anonymous for their safety.

Rest assured, something like this will happen again. South Africa as we know it, has changed.

I personally have never felt so violated, so helpless and so fearful. Life as we know it will be different now.

It is time to stand up for ourselves and not let these looters take what we have worked so hard for and what our parents and their parents worked so hard for.

This is a fight for survival and we cannot lose.

To contribute to or to assist with the fundraising, contact Mr Sandy Wheeler on 072 413 7153 or visit the backabuddy page on the following link: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/umkomaas-village


Article written by: MSCRS Reporter

Photo credit: MSCRS

Link: https://midsouthcoastrisingsun.co.za/41061/backabuddy-launched-in-umkomaas/

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