BE ALERT: Safety tips from Port Shepstone SAPS

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With no shortage of crime, Port Shepstone SAPS have issued the following safety tips:

At home:

Use a door viewer before opening a door

Ensure that all openings have been fitted with burglar guards or security gates

Ask strangers for positive identification before allowing them into your home even maintenance or sales persons

Always lockup your homes and activate the alarm before departing

Have your keys ready for immediate use when returning home

Use your interior and exterior lights when required

Shred old credit cards and accounts as these could be used for fraudulent transactions by criminals

Do not give out your personal information or credit card information over the phone unless you initiated call or transaction

Do not answer personal questions regarding your home eg type of alarm, daytime occupancy

Don’t let people into your home to use your toilet or phone

Do not be fooled into doing purchases of vehicles or pets over the internet and blindly transferring funds into an unknown account. Rather purchase vehicles from registered car dealerships and purchase pets in person

Firearms must be placed in a safe which is secured to the floor/wall and valuable items should be placed in the safe or locked away out of sight

Ensure that you have emergency numbers easily accessible eg SAPS, Ambulance, Private Security Company, Protection Services etc

Early morning jogs or walks:

Your route should be planned timeously and one should never jog or walk alone especially women, preferably go with a friend or take your dog with you. Avoid isolated routes or spaces.

Don’t wear expensive jewellery as this could be targeted by criminals

Don’t resist an armed criminal, hand over what is demanded quickly and quietly

Be aware of your surroundings, listen for unusual sounds and watch for suspicious movements of approaching persons

Carry defensive items such as pepper spray or a signalling device like a whistle

Never accept a lift from a stranger

Handbag/purse/wallet protection:

Carry the handbag or purse across the front of your body with your forearm across the front of the bag or purse

Valuables, keys and wallet should be placed in your pocket and not carried in your hand

Carry the minimum amount of cash in your handbag, purse or wallet

Be vigilant and control your handbag when paying for groceries at the store till-point


Extra vigilance must be exercised when reducing speed and approaching a stop street

Pedestrians could approach your vehicle with the intention of begging, smashing a window or forcefully opening a door with a view of stealing anything which is exposed on the seat or dashboard

Keeps doors locked and windows wound up and don’t give beggars cash as they could see the contents of your wallet, purse or handbag thus improving their knowledge on their intended target

Don’t leave valuable items exposed on the seat or within your vehicle

Never pick up strangers

When locking a central locking fitted vehicle, ensure that the vehicle is locked as criminals could jam the vehicle lock remotely with a garage remote.

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