WATCH: Was Oliver Kahn the best goalkeeper ever?

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From Wikipedia:

Regarded as one of the greatest and most successful goalkeepers of all-time, in addition to his goalkeeping technique, agility, reflexes, distribution, command of his area, and shot-stopping abilities, Kahn is widely admired for the stamina, mental strength, and composure he showed to overcome the stresses and pressures of his career. His profile on the Bayern Munich website lists his attributes as “impatient, disciplined, ambitious”.

Known for his eccentricity and charismatic leadership from the back, which often saw him call out his defenders whenever they made errors, due to the formidable presence, commanding influence, and aggressive playing style that he showed in goal during his professional career, Kahn’s epithet is “The Titan”; he was also frequently nicknamed “King Kahn” throughout his career.  He was Germany’s goalkeeper for 12 years.

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