Biker dies, two motorists seriously injured in N2 crash

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A motorcycle rider died in an accident on the N2 between Paddock and Izingolweni, about 40km inland from Port Shepstone on Saturday.

Paramedics from KZN Emergency Medical Services and a private ambulance service responded to the tragic incident where a car and a motorbike collided in what the paramedics at the scene said was a head-on collision.

The biker sadly died at the scene of the crash after being flung off his motorbike on impact.

mms_img2093047956The two occupants of the car, both men aged approximately 25 and 35 years old, respectively, were seriously injured in the collision.

They were treated by KZN EMS paramedics before being transported to Murchison hospital for continued medical care.

The road way was partially obstructed and officers from the RTI guided motorists past the scene.

The police are investigating the exact circumstances preceding the crash.


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