Blue Ocean Aquatics swimmers put exclamation point behind Capital K Swim

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Blue Ocean Aquatics swimmers went the distance in impressive fashion in the Capital K Swim at Midmar at the weekend.

There were 153 swimmers who competed in the 3km swim where Michelle Kretzschmar placed 27th overall in a time of 47.15.

Nelzaan Strydom was hot on her splashes to clock a 47.19 and placed 28th. These girls came 9th and 10th respectively.

Ricardo Carthew was not far behind with a time of 48.47, coming in 12th position for the 14-30 men’s age group. Tamara Venter swam a 56.07 and placed 21st in her age group.

The following swimmers swam the 1km race and their placings and times are as follows:

Milla Drakapoulos – 19.28 – 10th in the 13 & under age group
Mandy Koegelenberg – 20.32 – 4th in the age group and 21st overall
Wine Koekemoer – 23.54
Louise Kretzschmar – 29.51
Camina Drakopoulos – 44.42
Sophia Drakapoulos – 44.42

Marnu Koekemoer was the only 13 and under boy from the club to compete and he swam a 19.41 and placed 17th in his age group and 25th overall.

Coach Mandy Koegelenberg said, “It was a great swim hosted by the Penguins Swimming Club and we look to grow our participation next year.”

Photo: 1km finishers (from left) Wine Koekemoer, Mandy Koegelenberg, Louise Kretschmar, Milla Drakapoulos, Carmina Drakapoulos and Sophia Drakapoulos. Absent: Marnu Koekemoer.

3km finishers Ricardo Carthew and Tamara Venter. Absent: Nelzaan Strydom and Michelle Kretschmar.

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