Breast milk now a delicacy in China

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Human breast milk now a delicacy to enhance the health of China’s rich.

It’s creeping out of the shadows and into the hands, well, the mouths of the elite in China.  Breastmilk is the new favourite tipple for a handful of wealthy citizens in China’s Shenzhen region.

Increasing numbers of adults in Shenzhen have been hiring wet nurses and spending thousands on this new fad, on the premise that they are paying for the unique nutritional quality of human milk which includes a combination of antibodies, enzymes, hormones and fatty acids which make it a super-food specifically suitable for human nutritional needs.

Breast milk service

Big earners and those in high-pressure jobs are beginning to consume breast milk on a daily basis in the hopes of maintaining and even improving their health.

Some even going as far as hiring in-house wet nurses so there is a constant flow of what is usually a new-born’s staple.

Lin Jun, the manager of the Xinxinyu Household Service Company, a company providing this breast milk service, says clients can choose to consume breast milk the natural way, or by using a breast pump if they feel embarrassed.

Lin Jun told the Southern Metropolis Daily that the company is promoting and expanding its breast milk supply business based on the demand, and boy, is there a demand.

Would you consume breast milk?  Do you believe that it could be considered a “super-food” for adults?

To view the full article from the South China Morning Post, click here.

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