Determined Southbroom ratepayers expose unfair labour practices

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The Southbroom Ratepayers Association has succeeded in exposing unfair labour practices by the company who is responsible for the cleaning of ablution blocks from Southbroom to Port Edward.   Zimenhle Contracting and Trading cc was awarded the contract from 1 September last year after a previous concern had rendered this service for several years. Soon thereafter reports were reaching eHowz!t via the Southbroom Ratepayers Association and other channels that the workers were not being treated fairly. We asked senior municipal officials about the concerns, and was told that the matter was receiving attention.

Meanwhile, the ratepayers of Southbroom took up the cause of the workers, and established that the workers,  between 30 and 40 permanents as well as casuals, were being paid a basic wage of R1 800, without any overtime. They were working six day and sometimes seven day weeks,  more than eight hours a day, and weren’t registered for UIF .  They did not get proper pay slips.

With the help of the ratepayers, employees went to the CCMA with their problems, and the big breakthrough came when the Bargaining Council for the Contract Cleaning Industry in KZN issued a compliance order against Zimenhle, excluding penalties, of R420 000.  If Zimenhle does not comply with this order, the Hibiscus Coast Municipality can cancel the contract with Zimenhle.

eHowz!t spoke to Bruce Mackenzie of the Southbroom Ratepayers’ Association on the current state of affairs, and we will again follow the matter up with the HCM………

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