Plenty of buzz ahead of art jewellery exhibition in Ramsgate

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Artists’ Gallery in Ramsgate is preparing to host the official opening of “The Words We Use”, an art jewellery exhibition by Gela Tölken, on Friday, 25 September.

Artists’ Gallery is a quirky yet contemporary art gallery nestled in the heart of Ramsgate, wedged in between two landmarks: the Lobster Pot and the Crayfish Inn.

This Gallery is unique in the fact that is a ‘living space’ where a collective of eight top South African artists have come together to exhibit, paint, sculpt and interact with their customers and numerous other artists from all genres.

The artists include: metal art jeweller Gela Tölken,  painter Rob Wareing, painter Coral Spencer, sculptor and art photographer Marke Meyer, painter Diane Erasmus, , sculptor Michael Canadas and master painter Anton Benzon. There is also a superb selection of emerging artists and old masters paintings curated by Lientjie van Graan which fall under the name of the late painter  Robert Badenhorst – who was also a friend of many of the artists’ in this collective.

The Gallery has been open for over a year and the artists’ thought it high time that the Gallery has its official opening whilst highlighting one of the artists’ in particular: metal art jewellery designer Gela Tölken from the Cape.

This exhibition aptly entitled “The Words We Use” has an interesting and considered concept behind it:  “Well quite simply”, Gela explains, “I have come to understand that the words we use become the homes we live in.

“I have always been an avid reader and keen, yet critical listener and habitual analyst. And over the years I have realized that everyday words relating to myself can have a profound impact on my Self… the effects of words slowly amalgamate into a house for the psyche. Throughout my work here, the house constitutes the main visual element representing a contour around an interior.”
Angela Exhibition Card A6 (proof)-1Gela Tölken is of German descent and was born in Windhoek, Namibia. She moved to the Cape where she graduated with a Masters degree in Creative Jewellery Design and Metal Techniques at Stellenbosch University. She currently lives and works in Stellenbosch both as a staff member of the Design Division at the University as well as an independent art jeweller in her own right.

Her pieces all tell stories and her style is instantly recognizable by her use of strong, clear and simple lines, fine detail, and unique use of colour, contrast and repetition. All her pieces are manufactured entirely by her own hand and she only ever creates a piece once.

Cape Town art jeweller Gela Tölken’s unique art jewellery exhibition will run for a full month at Artists’ Gallery. She is coming up from Stellenbosch for the exhibition and will be in attendance for the actual opening on the 25th September.

Local actress Barbie Meyer will open the exhibition and all art and jewellery lovers are welcome to come along for a glass of wine and view this exquisite and intricate collection of work.

All the other artists’ who belong to this unique collective (bar a couple who are not in the country at present) will also be in attendance at the opening.

The opening itself will take place at 4.30pm for 5pm on Friday the 25th September; entrance is free and all are welcome.

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