Check your breasts regularly

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While genetics do play a role in your chances of getting breast cancer, your lifestyle choices also have an influence on your breast health. Following a good diet and keeping yourself at a healthy weight have been shown to prevent at least 25 percent of breast cancer cases, according to Dr Cory Couillard, an international health columnist.

In a recent article, Couillard explains that only a very small percentage of breast cancer cases are attributed to genetics.

So, there’s only one thing to do: stay healthy and keep an eye on your breast health with regular self-examinations.

Most medical professionals agree that checking your breasts once a month for symptoms of breast cancer is sufficient. The John Hopkins Medical Centre found that 40 percent of diagnosed breast cancer cases are those which were first found by women who felt a lump.

Better still, regular self-exams and check-ups mean that you have a better chance of early diagnosis, making treatment far more effective and even cure possible.

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