Cllr. George Henderson on Covid-19 home screening in St Michael’s, Uvongo and Manaba

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Dear residents of Ward 19 which includes Uvongo, Manaba and St Micheal’s.

Update on the Department of Health’s screening exercise planned for tomorrow 14 April 2020 in Ward 19:

I’ve just had a meeting with the Project Team Leader of the Department of Health, ms. Thoko Ntuli. What are they planning to do and what do they want to achieve?

1. They are concentrating on screening hotspots and older more vulnerable residents. A hotspot is an area where someone tested positive. We have one such area and all residents in this specific area will receive the forms today to complete. The forms will be collected tomorrow and on Wednesday.
2. To cover older residents we also identified all residents from Sappers Glen complex to complete the forms, which I already delivered to them earlier to complete. It will be collected tomorrow and Wednesday.
3. They would also like to do one other street with mostly older folk. Can our residents please nominate a street fitting the criteria, then I can deliver the forms later today to be completed by the residents and to be collected tomorrow.
4. From the resident’s responses on the forms, the Department will identify the need for any testing and will personally arrange it with the individual concerned. It’s only a small sample of our community who will be screened, but taking into account that this must happen in every Municipality, District and Province we have to accept it.
5. And that is basically it. By doing it this way will cause the least disruption in the community.

So please, residents not mentioned, don’t have to print and complete the forms.
Please also don’t forget to nominate a street.

Thank you

Cllr George Henderson
RNM Ward 19

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