Founding staff member reflects on Creston’s 25-year history

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Creston College celebrated its 25th birthday on Friday.

Founding staff member Anne Logan reflects on the past 25 years:

Being involved in Creston College for the past 25 years has been like becoming a parent for the first time.

In 1994, I was one of the six educators who taught together with the other five in another school, who got together, one evening at the home of Roland & Christine Apostolides, to discuss the possibility of starting a private school on the Lower South Coast of KZN. So I was there, at conception.

The pregnancy took a good 18 months. In June 1995 the first sods were turned; and Sven Wikström, who had given up his position as Headmaster at that school, was the ‘doctor’ monitoring this ‘gestation’ process.

It was a very daunting, yet exciting period in my life. I was raring to go, even though the seeds of doubt crept in every now and then. Just like mothers in waiting, I debated whether I did the right thing.

Should I have resigned from a permanent teaching job in a good Model C school? I questioned as to whether I was capable of dealing with this new innovation, of teaching in a school that only existed in our collective minds?

One minute I was filled with trepidation to say the least and the next minute total elation, as the school buildings started to take shape. I used to visit the site regularly and dream, as my family and I stood on the hilltop and stared at the stunning ocean view.

And then, Creston College was born on 1 January 1996, with Mr. Wiksröm as the first Headmaster.

I was joined by Lynda Kuhn in the Pre-Primary phase. Like all new parents, I have had my fair share of sleepless nights and teething problems. And yet, Creston has survived the various stages of growth: from infancy to adulthood.

The journey to adulthood is never easy and this particular baby has tested our resolve in ways that we never could have imagined; yet this particular baby has also provided us with great joy, a sense of satisfaction and most importantly, a deep sense of gratitude to Our Almighty Creator, for His Guiding Hand throughout these past 25 years.

Every time we sing the school song, my heart swells just a little with pride, as I am one of the “early founders” that had “the foresight” to “make it a reality”.

Happy 25th birthday, Creston College. May you continue to grow from strength to strength.

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