CrossFit Wild Coast Summer Slam a showcase of supreme fitness — photo gallery

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Quintin van Jaarsveld

Some of the province’s premier fitness athletes put on a show at Summer Slam in Manaba on Saturday.

CrossFit Wild Coast welcomed 50 athletes from across KwaZulu-Natal to its box, where competitors were challenged to dig deep in their quests to take top honours in the men’s, women’s and masters (Over-40) divisions.

WATCH: Athletes work up a sweat in CrossFit Wild Coast Summer Slam

First up was a 15-minute timed event consisting of a 500m block run, two sets of 20 American kettlebell swings and 20 goblet squats (both with 24kg/men and 16kg/women kettlebells) and a second 500m block run.

Switching gears, athletes had five minutes to establish a one-rep max snatch in the second event before the third and final event, a hero workout in honour of fallen soldier, USAF Sgt Timothy P. Davis, who was killed aged 28 on 20 February 2009 while supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED.

In this special 10-minute event, athletes were tasked with 12 deadlifts (50kg/men, 35kg/women and 40/25kg masters barbells), nine hang power cleans and six push jerks with burpees every two minutes.

“The three events were designed to target our competitors’ weaknesses if they had any,” CrossFit Wild Coast coach and co-owner Mitch Anderson explained to eHowzit.

“A good test of strength with the one-rep max snatch, muscular endurance in Event Three and Event One was a very good test of their aerobic capacity.

“Over the three events, with a well-designed points system, we were able to establish who the fittest competitors were on the day.”

Emerging as the winners were Umhlanga-based CrossFit Shumba trio Billy Pullen (male), Dina Swift (female) and Rory Wilkinson (male masters) along with CrossFit Wild Coast’s own, Geraldine Treherne, who took the female masters title.

They came away with medals sponsored by Sign Master, supplements sponsored by PPC Experts, R1000 online shopping vouchers sponsored by BoxChamp, custom-made Braver Apparel shirts and Femme Royale t-shirts.

Anderson said the competition was a significant step-up from CrossFit Wild Coast’s maiden contest, Halloween Havoc, a partner challenge held last October.

“The event in all was a huge success and a lot better [than the first] in terms of sponsors and athletes. The level of competition was insane.

“The 10 masters did not hold back and even gave some of the intermediate athletes a run for their money. The masters division was something we introduced to the event a couple days before. Next time, this will be a much bigger class.”

Crossfit, defined as “constantly varied, high-intensity and functional movements”, has become increasingly popular worldwide with a number of star athletes in most sports incorporating it into their training in some way or another.

The muscle behind CrossFit Wild Coast is power couple Anderson and Kate Ronca. Anderson attended Creston College and served in the British Army as an infantryman in the Rifles Regiment. His time in the military included a tour of Afghanistan in 2014.

Born and raised in California, Ronca studied and played soccer at California State University and boasts vast crossfit experience.

Notably, the Manaba-based venue is known as a box, not a gym. “We call it a box as we don’t have machines, we build them,” Anderson said.

“We do not train to look good – we train to move well; very well. Losing weight and getting in shape is a by-product of what we do,” he added.

To schedule a first free work out at the box, contact Anderson on 079 875 5681.

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