DA votes against passing of RNM adjustment budget

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By Johan Pretorius

The Democratic Alliance voted against the acceptance of the 2018/2019 adjustment budget in the monthly council meeting on Tuesday.

Cllr. George Henderson stated the party was extremely dissatisfied because its members only received the relevant documents on Monday afternoon, leaving them very little time to study the figures.

In addition, he said, there were discrepancies in the figures which made it impossible for the party to vote in favour of the adjustments.

His concerns were echoed by Cllr Dave Watson who said it was impossible for the DA to fulfill its oversight role in these circumstances.

That’s the reason why councillors were there, and it could not be expected of them to approve the figures if they had not been able to study them properly.

Other opposition parties also voted against the acceptance of the adjustment budget.  There were 20 votes for, 12 against with two abstentions.

Municipal Manager Max Mbili explained that the adjustment budget was available to councillors on time on the previous Friday, but the comment from the provincial treasury was only received late on Friday. This was sent to councillors on Monday.

The ANC’s viewpoint was that the reasons given by the DA did not justify a rejection of the supplementary budget.

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