Big dagga bust for Port Shepstone police

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On Monday ( 9.6 ) at 16:30 a 22-year-old woman was arrested in her home in Mkholombe after she was caught with 329 parcels and one plastic bag full of dagga  (total weight of 4030.4 grams) and 31 bottles of beer.  She was arrested by WO Patrick Gosling, Cst Raphael Smithwick, cst Lee Frost and cst  Mzakwe Makana after working on information. She will appeared in court on Tuesday for possession of drugs and liquor.  Prior to this arrest, they also arrested a 26-year-old man in the Port Shepstone taxi rank with 14 straws of heroine and then after that they arrested another 19-year-old man on the main Harding road near Merlewood with 144 grams  of dagga in his possession.  They also appeared in court on Tuesday.

Cst Makana counting the parcels dagga.
Cst Makana counting the parcels dagga.

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