Dezzi Raceway partners with Ugu South Coast Tourism

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Ugu South Coast Tourism is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the Dezzi Raceway in Oslo Beach on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast.

In a move to create South Coast brand reinforcement and destination positioning, Ugu South Coast Tourism has entered into an initial five-year agreement with Dezzi Raceway’s owners Louise and Des Gutzeit.

`Sanctioned earlier this year by Motorsport South Africa, the Dezzi Raceway boasts the only permanent drag racing facility in KwaZulu-Natal. Furthermore, it is revered as the most scenic track in South Africa and given the accessibility via excellent road infrastructure and also through the direct flights offered to Margate from Johannesburg, the Dezzi South Coast Raceway is set for one thing, establishing itself as the eastern seaboard raceway destination of choice.

‘And it doesn’t end there, whilst fast becoming recognised as the motoring hub of KwaZulu-Natal, it is also becoming synonymous as the ideal venue for a multitude of sports, outdoor and corporate events and launches, seeing the likes of superbikes, marathons and cycle races take place.

‘Thus, from a tourism perspective, when a unique product with such wide appeal such as this raceway with its significant infrastructure, can translate into a substantial increase in numbers of visitors and spend from around South Africa and the world, we are extremely privileged to be partnering with the Dezzi Raceway,’ says Ugu South Coast Tourism’s CEO Mr Justin Mackory.

This pioneering partnership will see the initial five-year agreement getting underway. As of immediate effect, this will result in the track’s name being formally adapted to the Dezzi South Coast Raceway.

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