Dog stabbed during Roodepoort house robbery fighting for its life

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A female German Shepherd dog was stabbed during a house robbery on Tuesday afternoon in Roodepoort. Reports indicated that the dog, which arrived at the vet with collapsed lungs, was still in surgery fighting for its life. The dog was stabbed in the neck and chest.

Honeydew Police and other security companies rushed to the house in Madeliefie Street that was broken into.

Nick Frost from Londoloza Protection Group was contacted for help. “When I got to the scene the police were already there. I wrapped the dog in a blanket and then contacted ambulance services to assist with the dog that had been stabbed,” Frost said.

According to ER24 spokesperson Chitra Harduth, “upon arrival at the scene, paramedics took over treatment and rushed the dog in an ambulance to a veterinarian in Randpark Ridge”.

“Paramedics hope efforts by everyone on scene, including the veterinarians, contribute to the dog’s recovery,” she added.

The group first went to Allen’s Nek Vet, where the dog was stabilised. She was then transported to the Johannesburg Specialist Veterinary Centre in Randpark Ridge. According to the centre, the dog arrived in a stable condition with a stab wound to the chest. At the time she was being prepared for surgery.

Allen’s Nek Vet staff said that the dog was brought in with collapsed lungs, hence they stabilised it, and it was then transferred to Johannesburg Specialist Veterinary.

The Johannesburg Specialist vet said: “The dog is still in theatre, and we are not sure for how long the surgery is going to take, but as soon as they are done we will inform you.”

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