Dolphins step up their game ahead of Champions’ League

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Durban – As part of a bold drive to continually improve their performance and to sharpened their form ahead of the upcoming Champions League, the Sunfoil Dolphins have entered into a collaboration with Prime Human Performance Institute to handle their players’ conditioning.

Based at the Moses Mabhida Stadium, Prime HPI offers the KwaZulu-Natal cricket franchise a one-stop-shop with cutting edge technology and a full range of expertise on site to get their players into top shape and handle any niggles or injuries.

“It forms part of our plan to be world class,” said Sunfoil Dolphins CEO Jesse Chellan. “We aim to be the fittest, strongest and most enduring team, and to offer our players the best opportunity to recover from any injuries.”

“To do that we need to make use of the best facilities and expertise, and we are very fortunate to that on our doorstep at Prime Human Performance Institute,” Chellan added.

Chellan is aiming at conditioning his squad to be able to deliver top level performances throughout the season, particularly during the latter stages of the summer when the travel and match workload becomes onerous.

“Part of our philosophy is to make sure that it remains fun, but key to that is having a group of players that are in good enough shape to be able to handle the demands of a high frequency of matches and travel,” said Chellan.

With the Sunfoil Dolphins having earned a berth in the Champions League in India in September by winning the domestic RamSlam T20 league, early season conditioning is a high priority for the Sunfoil Dolphins.

“It will be interesting to see the impact of training in the simulated high altitude chamber at Prime HPI,” said Chellan.

The Dolphins players have already started their training and conditioning under Gavin Muir at Prime HPI, and for the senior players who have trained at facilities all over the world, the impact has been immediate and positive.

“Everyone knows and talks about just how good the HPC in Pretoria is, but for me Prime tops that!” said Dolphins and Protea batsmen David Miller.

“Prime goes one step further by having everything you could ever need – a gym, the high altitude chamber, doctors rooms, physiotherapists and biokineticists, ice baths, the works – all under one roof.

I’ve seen a couple of facilities during my travels but for me, Prime is the best of them all,” said Miller.

Captain Morne van Wyk concurred. “I’ve seen many good facilities around the country in my time but Prime is just world class.”

“The work we’re doing now helps us build up the base we’ll need not only to be ready for the Champions League but for the domestic season as well,” Van Wyk said.

“Often you’ll go into a season with a good base and good form but that wears off after a while. Now though, after all the hard work we’ve been putting in, I’m sure we’ll go into the new season with a really great base to build on.

For the team of experts at Prime HPI, the opportunity to work with the Sunfoil Dolphins represents an exciting opportunity.

“This is the first time that the Dolphins have out-sourced the strength and conditioning and we’re very excited to be involved with them for the season,” said biokineticist and strength & conditioning coach Gavin Muir.

“Currently we’re building up towards the season with Champions League being the major focus at the moment. The players are nearing the end of phase one of a three-phase pre-season programme and have really been putting in the hard yards so far.

“After our initial assessments showed the guys were all at different levels of fitness, this first phase has been all about trying bring them up to a similar level and give them a good, solid base before introduce more cricket-specific workouts in the next phase of our programme.

“We are committed to driving sporting excellence across all disciplines and at all levels in in KwaZulu-Natal, and to be able to work with the provinces flagship cricket brand is an excellent opportunity for the entire team at Prime HPI,” said Managing Director Brendon Goodenough.

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