DA election letter: ‘Don`t waste your vote on small parties’

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Dear Editor,

In this Constitutional Democracy of ours the voters are faced with a alphabet soup of political parties that are contesting the National and Provincial elections. Many of them are built and based around one or two individuals or family concerns like the Mulders of the VF plus and what Rajbansi was for the Minority Front. The UDM is centred around Bantu Holomisa and the EFF around the misplaced popularity of  Julius Malema. Then you have parties like COPE who spent its previous term of 5 years contesting its leadership battles in the courts of South Africa and did little to develop policy documents, thus leaving their supporters of 2009 confused and bewildered. In the once mighty IFP we have a party that is a former shadow of itself with a leader that is more concerned about his legacy than the performance and decline of his support base. Their offshoot, the NFP is based mainly in KZN and is untested in provincial and National politics but aligned itself with the ANC at local government level. The ACDP is also a one man show based on religious beliefs. Our Constitution provides for religious freedom and recognises the right of all citizens to worship in churches and temples, tabernacles and mosques, where ever one feels comfortable to do so.

That brings us to the remaining options. The Democratic Alliance and the African National Congress.

We all know that the ANC under President Zuma is failing the country and is taking us backwards in all respects. Corruption is rife in all spheres of government under ANC control and it is a party of insiders and outsiders. If you are part of them you will benefit. When you are not part of their inner circle you are considered to be a second class citizen. We don`t even have to mention Nkandla or e-Tolls that are forced onto the general public and will be coming to the other provinces. The ANC is a party of food parcels and promises. Before every election they go out to the poorer rural communities to secure their votes with promises of a better life and food parcels that are funded by the taxpayers of this country. Just before the next election they appear again … with more of the same.

The Democratic Alliance have a track record of service delivery where we govern. The Western Cape outperforms all the other provinces in all aspects. Cape Town is the best run city in South Africa and regularly win international awards. Cape Town is also the best tourist destination. Twenty eight municipalities under DA control are out performing the rest. In short, where the DA governs we govern better than any other party. The DA have sound policies which we implement where we are in control. The DA is the only party that have shown consistent growth from 1994 to date. In 1994 the then DP received 1.7% of the vote and at the last election in 2011 we received 24% of the vote. This trend is set to continue in this 2014 elections and with the support of the voters we will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

The message is clear – don`t waste your vote on small parties that can`t make a impact in your life and future. Support the DA who  believes in a open opportunity society for all. A DA that has job creation entrenched as the most important aspect of our policies. A DA that fights corruption at all levels and believes in clean government as the stepping stone to lift people out of poverty. A DA that will improve the education system and train and appoint

15000 new teachers every year. A DA that will increase the size of SAPS and improve the training of policemen and women.


We have the policies; we have the leadership; we have the energy and the foresight to make South Africa great.

Vote for Change, Vote for Jobs, VOTE DA!!


Doug Rawlins

Ugu Constituency Chairperson






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