Big Mamma accident: eyewitness video

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A visitor from Pretoria, Daleen Engelbrecht, was at the Sonny Evans Small Craft Harbour on Wednesday morning to see her husband and son depart on a ski-boat fishing trip, and captured their departure on video.  On its way in through the rough surf, the Riptide, with her son and husband on board, nearly flipped backwards while negotiating a wave, a movement that cause her son’s eyebrow ridge to be gashed.  But little did she know the following boat, the Big Mamma, with eight people, some also from Gauteng, on board, would not be so lucky.  This boat was capsized while negotiating a wave, and while no lives were lost,  the injuries ranged from mild to serious.  Skipper Jan Olivier was taken to hospital with several injuries, including suspected broken ribs.

Mrs. Engelbrecht kindly made her video recording available to eHowz!t, and we run the full 13 minutes of it with only natural sound.  A shorter version of the launch and accident with eyewitness accounts, can be seen elsewhere in our video section…..

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