Busy day for Shelly NSRI — video report

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Wednesday was one of those days for the Shelly Beach base of the National Sea Rescue Institute.   The sea was rough in the early morning, and when the Ski-boat Riptide, that went in first, pointed its nose to the heavens as it negotiated the last wave, it was proof that it was another one of those angry sea days.    Riptide was followed by Big Mamma, who was not as lucky, and was capsized as it went in   ( see reports elsewhere in eHowz!ts video section ).

On board the Riptide was Daleen Engelbrecht’s husband Hans and son Bertus, whose eyebrow ridge was gashed open as the Riptide was jerked upwards by the wave.   Despite the initial setback, they managed to catch some fish, but then the ski-boat picked up engine problems, and the NSRI had to swing into action again.   Earlier, its personnel and equipment played a leading role in rescuing the eight people thrown off the Big Mamma when it capsized.

This video is about the NSRI’s operation to fetch the passengers off the Riptide, after which the skiboat returned to the Sonny Evan Small Craft Harbour. At the end of the video the Engelbrechts, who are holidaymakers from Pretoria, give their accounts of what happpened……

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